Naftilos Maritime is a stable and consolidated company offering a wide variety of services in the shipping industry as one of the oldest and most experienced shipping agencies in Greece.

Dedicated in the maritime field and well known for its a strong presence in the maritime market since 1980; Naftilos Maritime has complete successfully thousands of shipping operations as a shipping agent, providing a high level of performance within the competitive shipping industry.

Handling a wide range of vessels and cargoes Naftilos Maritime is the key agent when high quality of services are critical. Over the last 40 years high quality shipping services at Dry bulks, Tankers, MPP, Container vessels, reefers or cargoes such as LPGs, Crude Oils, grains, minerals have been the major scope of our business.

Our well experienced staff will be your guarantee of smooth operations. Having adopt efficient philosophy, efficacy approaches, up to date information, attention to detail & high end practices, Naftilos Maritime staff will be the key responsible cause for efficient shipping operations. Available 24/7 our operators will be always “on board” for support & assistance when needed.

All of the communications, mails & information are channeled through our Head Office and passed on to the relevant parties concerned; through a fast stream of messaging & careful monitoring all progress of operations will be provided daily with a proactive approach.